Frequently Ask Questions

Yocean (Group) Limited is a renowned company in local manufacturing, repairing transformers, prepaid smart meters, EPC projects, renewable energy advance management

Yocean is an electrical engineering company leading in manufacturing and repairs of Distribution transformers and other key Electrical equipment…

We have our main offices along Mombasa Road, Nairobi Kenya. Check on Maps

No. Our main offices are along Mombasa Road, Nairobi. However, we have market reach in the entire East Africa Region.

Yes. We do on-site installations and post-installation maintenance services, to ensure clients’ satisfaction over time.

Yocean offers a wide range of solar systems solutions including Grid-tied solar systems.

Yes. With our procurement experts taking note of demand analysis and key supplier evaluations, we are able to deliver explicit solar products at the most competitive market rates.

Grid-tied solar systems are connected to the electrical grid. This system consists of solar panels that generate electricity from sunlight, Inverters which convert DC power from panels into AC power used in homes & businesses, a bi-directional meter that measures the electricity flow between the solar system and the grid.

Also known as an off-grid solar system, is one which operates independently off the grid. It includes solar panels, batteries, charge controllers and inverters.