Distribution Transformers

We take great pride in being the first Local Manufacturers of transformers in Kenya, offering a diverse range of transformers with ratings from 15kVA/11kV-1000kVA/11kV to 15kVA/33kV-1000kVA/33kV. We have also contracted by Kenya Power and Lighting Company PLC (KPLC) and Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC) to repair damaged transformers.  

 Through many years of experience, our manufacturing practices have consciously reinforced the importance of following a systematic quality assurance program during different stages of design and manufacturing. At Yocean, transformers can be tailor-made to meet individual customers’ satisfaction, but at the same time, standardized structural members and components are used.

We design and manufacture transformers to national and international standards and consultant’s specifications; in each case, raw materials are subjected to strict, rigorous inspection and components are checked at every stage of manufacture. Every transformer is subjected to rigorous in-house tests by Kenya International Standards.

Yocean quality assurance system for transformers is a complete system covering all administrative routines and instructions in addition to usual quality control of materials and testing of technical performance. Systematic and standardized working methods result in quality assurance in the design and manufacturing stages.

This Quality assurance system is a guarantee of a reliable transformer. At Yocean, we supply and repair transformers for public utilities and private clients. Our commitment to excellence has earned us good recommendations from our clients, and we have not received any complaints from them or other suppliers. We strive to maintain high standards in our work and ensure that our clients are satisfied with our products and services. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry. We understand each of our client’s unique needs, and we work closely with them to provide customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

In 2021, we locally manufactured over 180 new transformers for Rural Electrification Agency (Uganda) with a rating of 200kVA/33kV.FAT Following a Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), all transformers passed the required tests. Subsequently, these transformers were exported to the REA stores in Uganda, commissioned on various sites, and functioning effectively without any rejections or failures to date.

We aim to build long-lasting client relationships by providing reliable, efficient products and services. We are constantly improving our products and services to meet the evolving needs of the industry and our clients locally and internationally.

Single – Phase Distribution Transformer

The single-phase distribution Transformers adopt high-quality silicon steel sheet iron core mounted on the pole, with a small size and small infrastructure investment. The transformers reduce the length of the low-voltage distribution line and reduce the line loss by more than 60%. The transformers are specifically designed for the decentralization distribution network servicing residential overhead distribution loads of town and countryside. They are also suitable for light and diversified power applications. The Yocean facility for distributing transformers provides a clean, dust-free environment with ideal humidity and ventilation levels and standards and processes common Yocean facilities.

Transformer design

Transformers are designed on specialized software for

  • Cost optimization over a lifetime, based on material cost and loss capitalization as specified by customers.
  • Verification of design for rated short circuit and impulse withstand strength carried out by design software.
Core Design

The core for shell-type transformers is manufactured using wound core design, while the lamination stacking is done for the core type trans­formers; the result is minimal core losses and low noise.   

Microprocessor Controlled Processes

The processes of wrapping, annealing, winding and pressing of the core are controlled by microprocessor-controlled units, ensuring automation and accuracy in process and quick troubleshooting. The annealing process is conducted in an inert atmosphere to eliminate induced stresses.

Core and Coil Assembly

Using unique designs and special insulating materials makes YOCEAN distribution transformers reliable, efficient and compact. The complete core coil assembly is dried in an oven to remove the moisture from the insulation.

Winding and Insulation

The windings are made of copper or aluminum, and these are manufactured to withstand short-circuit forces. State-of-the-art precision equipment is used for accurate dimension control and tightness. The winding coils are processed in a special-purpose press developed by YOCEAN to cure the resin on the insulation paper for high short-circuit strength.

Transformer Tank

Tanks are constructed from mild steel. Welded joints are tested for air pressure, ensuring leak-proof tank joints. Rollers can be provided, and these are suitable for either longitudes or transverse movement.

Accurate Process Control

Tanks are carefully pre-treated by blast cleaning or chemical cleaning. The tanks are either powder coated or polyurethane liquid painted to improve corrosion resistance and aesthetics as per customers’ require­ments.

Tanks are filled with mineral oil in the vacuum chamber, ensuring excellent dielectric properties. The oil filling system is controlled by programmable logic controll­ers for accurate process control. The electrical and chemical properties of mineral oil are checked for compliance with IS/IES standards.