Senior Management

Yu Yang

Managing Director | CEO

With the simple concept of creating value for society & customers and a firm faith of rejuvenating National economy, Yocean (Group) has undergone more than a decade of continuous progress in development of the company as well as service delivery to the country. Today’s Yocean has not only grown up as the 1st local Manufacturer of Power Transformers in Kenya, but also as a well-known manufacturer of Prepaid & Post-paid Smart meters and ADMS automation solutions provider and operator.

The company vision is eyed to strategic alignment to the Renewable Energy Project management models so as to maximize provision of power from reusable energy sources. Our overseas business strategy opens a broader world for Company’s development and sustainability.

Antony P. Omweri

Manager: Human Resources

Alice Zhang

Manager: Finance & Procurement

Collins Ochieng

Manager: Production

Nesbitt Maluki

HOD: Business Development

Our enthusiatic team of experts are on course to ensuring key operations are well executed. Engineers, Administrators, Officers and Experts and Technical operators are amongst members constituting Our Team.