Advanced Distribution Management Systems

Advanced Distribution Management Systems

SIFANG’s Distribution Management System (ADMS) is based on cutting-edge IT technology for energy, outage, and crew management. It provides dynamic visualization, monitoring and control of the distribution networks, and a wide set of powerful applications for network operation analysis, planning and optimization. It utilizes workstations, tablets and smartphones to create an enterprise-level management platform for operating, maintaining and managing distribution assets. DMS and FTU/DTU are applied in an urban grid distribution automation project in China

The ADMS project was started in October 2020. Yocean (Group) Limited secured an open-ended contract with Sifang Automation Company Limited, which has progressively achieved many installation works in the Nairobi metropolitan region. The project comprised the Ring Main Units (RMU – Indoor switches) and Load Break Switches (LBS – Outdoor Switches) Installations. The three major functionalities of ADMS are not limited to:

a)    Faster identification of power faults, types, and precise locations.

b)    Faster isolation of faults by cutting off the required power supply.

c)    Faster restoration of power after faults rectification in the affected areas.

The main goal for ADM Systems is to achieve Reliability for Power Supply.

The RMU and LBS are installed with Feeder Remote Terminal Units (FRTU), which control the Microcontroller and facilitate communication (Radio).

Feedback: Feeder Owners.

Our partners have strived to maintain good working relations to achieve the project’s objectives.

  1. Positive response in terms of a reduced time to faults rectification.
  2. We have achieved a faster restoration of power to customers.
  3. Real-time Monitoring of power systems using controllers.

Yocean has handled Phase 2 of ADMS in the Nairobi metropolitan region. As a company, we are proud to be undertaking this phase and looking forward to handling future phases across the country.