Distribution Transformers

We take great pride being the first Local Manufacturers of Distribution Transformers in Kenya, offering a diverse range of transformers with ratings from 15kVA/11kV-1000kVA/11kV to 15kVA/33kV-1000kVA/33kV.

Electricity Meters

Yocean specializes in producing a range of smart prepayment and post-payment electricity meters and strives to deliver dependable and high-standard products that fulfill customers’ demands in the energy industry.

About Us

Yocean (Group) is a renowned company in local manufacturing & repair of distribution transformers, manufacture of Electricity meters, EPC, Renewable Energy Projects, Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) and Network optimization for Loss Reduction. Our company was incorporated in Kenya, in 2011 and has since provided innovative solutions to meet the region's needs in the Energy sector. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Yocean has grown to becoming a trusted partner for clients seeking energy solutions.

Why Choose Us

Yocean prioritizes quality above anything else. Our ISO certificate and KEBS standardization marks prove that we keep our word. We have a team of experts who have extensive knowledge in local manufacturing, transformer repair, prepaid smart meters, EPC projects, renewable energy management systems, and network optimization.

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