Yocean specializes in producing a range of smart prepayment and post-payment electricity meters and strives to deliver dependable and high-standard products that fulfill customers’ demands in the energy industry. By prioritizing innovation and customer contentment, Yocean is well-positioned to influence the smart meter manufacturing sector substantially.

Some of the models of smart meters we locally manufacture include the P12G04 (1P2W DIN-Rail Prepayment Meter), CIU-PH04 (Customer Interface Unit), Smart S34U18 (3P4W Smart prepayment & post-payment meter), and S12U16 (1P2W Smart prepayment and post-payment meter), and M12U02 (single-phase two-wire post-payment meter).

The year 2018, we locally manufactured single-phase and 3 phase prepayment smart meters and successfully supplied more than 89,000 single-phase prepaid meters to KPLC by August 2021

Single Phase Prepaid Meter.

P12G04 is a DIN-Rail Single-phase Prepayment meter used in a split prepayment metering system. It complies with STS standards and communicates with a CIU by PLC for energy consumption monitoring and credit charging. 

Conform to the international STS standard, the unique international open safety transmission standard for prepayment system.

P12G04 1P2W DIN-Rail Prepayment Meter.
Terminal wiring

Principle of work

P12G04 single phase two wires prepayment meter has: Electricity Measuring Unit, which consists of a voltage sampling network, current sampling network and integrated measuring circuit; the Data Process Unit consists of MCU & memory; the Power Supply Unit consists of AC power & battery pack; an Input/output Unit consisted of optical communication, PLC communication, MC171 communication and Load Control Unit, which consists of relay control 

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