Yocean | Sifang Regional Cooperation Agreement

On 7th October 2023, a significant partnership was forged between Yocean (Group) Limited and Beijing Sifang Automation Co. Ltd, marking a pivotal step in our pursuit of international business expansion. The formalization of the Kenyan Market Regional Cooperation Agreement, which took place at the prestigious Sifang Building (China), brought together key representatives, including Hu Xiaodong, Vice President of Sifang, Gao Feng, Assistant President and General Manager of the International Unit, and Yu Yang, Managing Director of Yocean (Group) Ltd, for an insightful exchange of ideas and strategies.

Our partnership with Beijing Sifang Automation Co. Ltd has already laid a solid foundation for success, notably highlighted by our collaborative Advanced Distribution Network Management System (ADMS) projects in Nairobi, Kenya, which were successfully completed and delivered in May 2023. This agreement formalizes our commitment to principles of harmonious collaboration, resource sharing, and mutual growth. Together, we aim to leverage our respective strengths in the domains of distribution network enhancement, microgrid implementation, industrial and commercial new energy storage, and relay protection automation. This deepened alliance underscores our dedication to achieving mutual success and catalyzing the development and implementation of transformative projects across Africa. As we move forward, our focus remains on nurturing a sustainable strategic partnership that harnesses our collective market competitiveness, technological prowess, and abundant resources, ultimately advancing African development and fostering lasting impact.


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